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Green Acres Is The Place To Be (LOL)

The Newest Additions to the DollHouse Farm 🙂

Well, here I sit, 1:39 am and wide awake. I had some rough leg cramps last night (up every hour on the hour) and I can feel them lurking about tonight, hence the alertness I suppose. :/

My Lord is SO good to me. Since I have moved my health has improved greatly. I am doing things that, back in January 2012, if you had said I be doing them, I would have laughed at you. For the most part I am sleeping better and am controlling things (bi-polar and other) without medications (which is a HUGE blessing!).

My landlord and I have expanded and now we have two ducks (Sally and Sami) and two chickens (Betty and Emma). And, in case anyone is wondering, I don’t have a problem eating animals that I have named…as long as they are livestock. 😀 However at this point, roasting anyone isn’t in the game plan; right now its eggs. Sami and Sally are so much fun to watch; I am really enjoying their antics in the kiddie pool. My landlord bought it for the dogs but that was a dismal failure; the ducks like it much better. LOL

We have probably close to 100 tomato plants, 4 blueberry bushes and probably 50 hot pepper plants. We are becoming regular farmers. Summer never looked so good! The pool has been moved to the center of the yard and now it’s warm enough for even me to get in! LOL Of course, I feel as if I don’t have the time to get in but I’ll get situated soon enough so that I will have time.

As per my previous post, I had stated that I would be starting a new blog to keep track medically. I really need to get on that, right? It’s hard as I find little time to post on this one. 😛 There truly has been so much going on!

The weekend before last my niece Franny came over to spend Friday night. We had a blast together! I am so happy that we live close enough now to spend actual, physical time together. I love all my nieces and nephews but I miss my three nieces so much – Franny, Virginia and Tara. They are more like little sisters than nieces. 🙂

Then Franny came back over Sunday afternoon with her three children: Jordan, Chloe and Preston! Love’em so much! My Jordan is gettin’ to be such a beautiful woman. It scares me sometimes just looking at her but let’s not tell her that. As for Chloe – I see myself but in her I see much more self-confidence and I am so grateful to Franny and her husband Don for instilling the children with that. It makes a world of difference!

Don was out of town so Franny and the kids came to visit after church. We had lunch with some church friends and the kids swam in the cold pool (this was before it was moved). Hey, they are young and hardy – they survived! LOL! Leona had made lasagna to share so we had that and it was awesome!

Another huge blessing of moving to Paisley is that I am close to my big sis so that she can spoil me with her cooking. She isn’t a certified chef for nothing. In fact tonight (Tuesday) I’ll be heading over for (wait for it) beef and red dumplings! Yummy! I know they say that a way to a man’s heart is through is stomach but when my sister is cooking, it works on me as well. 😀

Nermal, my domestic long-hair, had been acting horrible for a couple of weeks. I found a couple of lumps behind his ear so I think he must have gotten bitten by a snake or something. He is finally doing better and eating again. For a couple of days there I thought I was going to lose him and I wouldn’t have taken that too well.

Animals always make my world happier…sometimes more than people I admit. But, I am getting better with people – I think. LOL.

Till next time…faithwalkin’ 🙂