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My God Is Full Of Surprises


One of the big butterflies (Eastern Tiger Swallowtail) that comes to visit the Doll House Jungle. 🙂

The Lord is full of surprises. Even if we take each day for granted, one has to wonder just where all these wonderful things that fill our world come from! The flowers that grow in front of my porch came from a box of flower seeds that said “Flowers to Attract Butterflies.” When I put them in the ground it seemed like forever until they started to grow (no impatients (get it!?!) here – LOL!). Actually most of the wildflowers are Zinnias, my favorite being the PomPoms.

The butterflies do indeed like them, as well as the hummingbirds, bees and wasps. There is quite the little nature farm going on here lately as summer heads into high gear. I have a hummingbird feeder on my front porch and I can sit at my table inside and watch them through my front door as they come to hover and feed from the nectar in the container.

I love all the nature here. It uplifts my spirits so much and daily reminds me of my blessings from the Lord, especially when I’m not feeling very grateful. I know all I have to do is walk outside and see all the plant growth, all the tomatoes getting ready to ripen and all of God’s creatures flying around and almost instantly I’ll be reminded of how awesome my God is and how benevolent He is to me in the midst of His lovingkindness. 🙂

In fact, God is good even in the midst of your troubles, struggles and difficulties. My Pastor said (and I agree) that the Lord has already blessed us abundantly with salvation. He never promised us money, fame, or an easy life. In fact, He states unequivocally in His Word that we, as born-again, Bible-believing Christians will be hated by this world because He was hated; that we will be faced with hard trials and tribulations because He was faced with them while on this earth. But…merciful Heaven! What more could we ask for? We have been given the Holy Spirit, the armor of God, His Word and through all this, His everlasting presence until we go home to be with Him! He gave us salvation; eternal life with Him in glory with no death, no pain, no suffering and no tears! What more could we possibly ask to receive from His Hand? We can’t expect to take on the Holy Spirit, become one with Christ and not partake of the effects of the lingering lifestyle of Christ that is hated by this world…can we? I am told to stand with Him, to place Him before me in the battle against the principalities of this world and to not falter not let this world drag me back to what I came from.

God's Surprise

A “real-time” view of one of the watermelons that showed up in my flower bed.

This was one of God’s surprises to me – two baby watermelon growing in my flower bed! How awesome is that of the Lord to give me something that I didn’t plant (apparently dropped seeds though) and didn’t tend to; it just shows that He, and not us, is the One that is in complete control over life – all of it! In the end, it’s up to Him and the world that He created on whether or not the plants survive, produce and get harvested. Yes, we have work to do with them but I didn’t tend to these watermelon; shoot, I didn’t even know they were there! But, He did and He planted, watered, watched and gave the increase; I just sit back in awe and receive/accept the fruit of His labor (hint: just like salvation!). And, did I mention, it’s my favorite fruit of all time!! God knows what I like and when what I like is good for

me, He sees that I get it when I need it or need a reminder of His love for me.

I admit to struggling lately with some things in my life. I feel out-dated (LOL) and I haven’t really made many friends since moving in February. Lately that is becoming a struggle because, well, I feel lonely sometimes. Maybe I am not putting myself out there enough or maybe I live to far from the ladies in church; I’m not sure. Everyone is so friendly but they alclose-uplive at least a half an hour from me and lead busy lives.However, I think that God is giving me this time to learn, grow and to lean more abundantly on the Lord and His promises. People are so easy to lean on as you can see them and audibly hear their voice. God, not so much unless you are in His Word more often than not (and obviously, that isn’t audible) but He truly holds every answer for every problem or situation that you will ever come across. He alone, gives peace and understanding regarding the world, it’s sin, our sin and how to handle the flesh on a daily basis. We can glean from His Wisdom to help others BUT at some point, all of us need to go to the Lord Himself and not to a mouthpiece that speaks for Him. If we are His we know that He speaks to us through His Word, if we will but pick it up and open it from time to time.


It’s hard to tell but Aflac’s head is green from the hydrated lime spread around the yard.

We live in this world, even if we aren’t of it anymore, and we get dirty…sometimes filthy from the muck and the mud that is slung around on a daily basis: at work, at home, even in church sometimes. Thanks to God and His sacrifice, His Word (the written and the blood of Jesus) will wash us clean everyday. Aflac (pictured left) reminds me of that. I don’t know if you can see the green coloring on her face or not but my ducks like to play in the mud…imagine that. I found this lovely stuff called Hydrated Lime, which when sprinkled around will remove the bad smells from your yard that occur when you have livestock. Yay for the lime! However, what nobody told me (although yes, I should have guessed) was that when the lime gets wet, anything that’s really, really white will turn a light shade of green. LOL! Imagine my surprise after I spread the lime the first day, left it sit while I was draining the duck pool and then came back around the corner to green-headed and green-breasted ducks! Aflac and Miss GG love to play in the water that comes out of the hose from their pool (really any standing water). They grab their afternoon snack of grubs from that water and generally just make themselves out to be a big ole’ muddy mess. I’m used to this and when all is said and done, the pool cleaned and the ducks fed, they climb into that lovely, clean pool and get it filthy by washing off all that mud they picked up. But hey, they look so pretty after (I’m guessing that is one reason they continue to get a clean pool) that I try to humor them often. However, when I came around the corner last Monday afternoon and saw “green” ducks, I about choked. All I could think of was, “Oh Lord!” What if they stay green!?!”, quickly followed by “Arghhh!!!!”As soon as the pool was full to the top, I shooed them into the water to see what would transpire. Lo and behold, their lovely green tinge washed away and they became white again. Now, it’s a daily thing…play in the lime, get green, scare my owner and then take a bath and get white again! What a cycle! What a laugh! I thank God for them; they make my heart smile. 🙂

I guess that is why it reminds me of what Jesus did for us. Like I said in the paragraph before, Jesus washed us clean and continues to each day from the dirt of this world. But boy, howdy! Don’t we sometimes like to roll around and dig out the grubs of that mud before we let Jesus wash us clean?!? We will always have our flesh in this world; doesn’t mean we have to act on it but it’s there and it reminds us constantly how much fun it was to get some of that world’s dirt on us and, “Gee, don’t we want to do it again?”

How many times can I say, “Thank God for His mercy, grace and forgiveness.” Without that, I would stay dirty and have no hope. What a horrid, spirit-shuddering thought.

Have you received His forgiveness? Are you blessed daily by His mercy and grace? Please share how the Lord changed and blessed your life recently.

Till next time – faithwalkin’ 🙂


Green Acres Is The Place To Be (LOL)

The Newest Additions to the DollHouse Farm 🙂

Well, here I sit, 1:39 am and wide awake. I had some rough leg cramps last night (up every hour on the hour) and I can feel them lurking about tonight, hence the alertness I suppose. :/

My Lord is SO good to me. Since I have moved my health has improved greatly. I am doing things that, back in January 2012, if you had said I be doing them, I would have laughed at you. For the most part I am sleeping better and am controlling things (bi-polar and other) without medications (which is a HUGE blessing!).

My landlord and I have expanded and now we have two ducks (Sally and Sami) and two chickens (Betty and Emma). And, in case anyone is wondering, I don’t have a problem eating animals that I have named…as long as they are livestock. 😀 However at this point, roasting anyone isn’t in the game plan; right now its eggs. Sami and Sally are so much fun to watch; I am really enjoying their antics in the kiddie pool. My landlord bought it for the dogs but that was a dismal failure; the ducks like it much better. LOL

We have probably close to 100 tomato plants, 4 blueberry bushes and probably 50 hot pepper plants. We are becoming regular farmers. Summer never looked so good! The pool has been moved to the center of the yard and now it’s warm enough for even me to get in! LOL Of course, I feel as if I don’t have the time to get in but I’ll get situated soon enough so that I will have time.

As per my previous post, I had stated that I would be starting a new blog to keep track medically. I really need to get on that, right? It’s hard as I find little time to post on this one. 😛 There truly has been so much going on!

The weekend before last my niece Franny came over to spend Friday night. We had a blast together! I am so happy that we live close enough now to spend actual, physical time together. I love all my nieces and nephews but I miss my three nieces so much – Franny, Virginia and Tara. They are more like little sisters than nieces. 🙂

Then Franny came back over Sunday afternoon with her three children: Jordan, Chloe and Preston! Love’em so much! My Jordan is gettin’ to be such a beautiful woman. It scares me sometimes just looking at her but let’s not tell her that. As for Chloe – I see myself but in her I see much more self-confidence and I am so grateful to Franny and her husband Don for instilling the children with that. It makes a world of difference!

Don was out of town so Franny and the kids came to visit after church. We had lunch with some church friends and the kids swam in the cold pool (this was before it was moved). Hey, they are young and hardy – they survived! LOL! Leona had made lasagna to share so we had that and it was awesome!

Another huge blessing of moving to Paisley is that I am close to my big sis so that she can spoil me with her cooking. She isn’t a certified chef for nothing. In fact tonight (Tuesday) I’ll be heading over for (wait for it) beef and red dumplings! Yummy! I know they say that a way to a man’s heart is through is stomach but when my sister is cooking, it works on me as well. 😀

Nermal, my domestic long-hair, had been acting horrible for a couple of weeks. I found a couple of lumps behind his ear so I think he must have gotten bitten by a snake or something. He is finally doing better and eating again. For a couple of days there I thought I was going to lose him and I wouldn’t have taken that too well.

Animals always make my world happier…sometimes more than people I admit. But, I am getting better with people – I think. LOL.

Till next time…faithwalkin’ 🙂

One Day Can Make A Difference :)

I started this post on Saturday the 25th and then stopped because my fingers and hands just weren’t allowing me the freedom of typing very well. Saturday was a rough day for me. I had doubts about the who’s, whats, whys and when’s of my life. Generally when that starts, I start basically babbling to the Lord, not really praying, just basically repeating whatever nonsense is going through my head. I don’t get these days too often but when I do, it’s usually caused by my brain and emotions not handling where my body is physically at the moment. I am ashamed to say that at this point, I still don’t lean completely on the Lord when the pain gets bad. I babble, try to figure out what I’ve done wrong and sort of work myself into a pitying frenzy. I do not like that about myself at all.

Since I have moved, I have tried very hard to listen to God’s voice first before allowing any other’s in and I’ll be honest, I have seen God’s hand work more now that my mouth is shut more and I am so grateful for His blessings and mercies. This is one reason that I was not happy with Saturday’s emotional bloodbath. Instead of deleting what I wrote on Saturday, I’m going to let you read it…it’s not long because as I started to write about my emotional whiplash, I suddenly got so tired and hurt so bad, I couldn’t continue so…I never went back to it.

Today, Tuesday the 28th, as I look back at what I started to write, I am just washed in the assurance that my Lord does indeed know every thought and emotion that passes through me and not only does He know it, He loves me even if they aren’t the prettiest things at the time. After I wrote this and quit on Saturday, I went to visit a church on Sunday. I always did find it amazing when I went to church and the message was on something that I personally, desperately needed on that day. Visiting a new church, I guess I thought the Lord would lose me somehow or something but what He did was send an arrow straight through my heart, stir my blood and give me concrete reasons to show that I am truly never alone. Below is what I had written:

Now yesterday certain parts of my body decided that I’d pushed things far enough…hands/fingers, back and knees. So in my head of course, my struggle just got a whole lot more personal. It brought to mind questions, some of which I wasn’t prepared for; others that made me think.

  • How honest do you get on your blog? My blog is about my walk with Jesus in a new town, a new home while blending old and new friends and learning how to follow Jesus a little more closely everyday. I don’t always do right or succeed and there are days that I can be pretty hard on myself in my head. Do I say these things on here? Do I really want to put my ‘real’ self on display for friends, family and strangers to see in all it’s tarnished and tainted glory? Do I really dare? Why am I blogging anyway? Isn’t it so that if there is someone, somewhere who can relate to something that I go through, that this may help them see they aren’t alone?

That was as far as I got.

On Sunday I went visiting at a friend’s church. Now, had I heard a sermon on the topic of the inner man before? Yes. Preached in that particular way? NO! Either the Lord decided it was time for me to sit up and listen well or it was because it was a different setting, a different Pastor and a totally new experience. Either way it was like I had an epiphany or something. 🙂 Inside there is a new inner man (governed by the Holy Spirit) and the old man (governed by the flesh) and then outside the flesh. The old man and the flesh war against the new man and if you don’t deliberately set your mind to doing what the Lord would have you do to honor and glorify Him and carry on His Work, you will constantly be pulled back into fleshly behavior. Ah-ha!!

Now, I knew this, had heard a variation of it but for some reason, it came out of left field and cold-cocked me one. And I am so glad that it did! I have spent that Sunday afternoon through today just pondering what is was that was preached. Was it biblical? Yes. Was it current in my life? Not really. That was a very sobering thought for me these past couple of days. I have always said that getting rid of sin was hard. However, I’m still a smoker and I basically spaz out if you tell me I need to quit. Do I? Yes and I’ve had people tell me and I see in the Bible where it would be so. I have just always used to excuse that it was too hard, I liked it and, my personal favorite, “I’ll do it tomorrow.” :/

At this point though, even knowing that I truly have clear knowledge now of what and how to deal with the old and new man, I still hesitate. But my heart on Sunday afternoon turned light; I felt the overwhelming sense of contentment; that I was indeed where I should be and that I can learn how to discipline myself one day at a time to handle it.

Overnight, within 24 hours, I rode the emotional roller coaster of life but as Job says in Job 13:15, Though he slay me, yet will I trust in him: but I will maintain mine own ways before him. I am so thankful that I may try again to make Him my main confidante and here ever after, each time I fall away, He’ll have open arms to pull me back in! Just how amazing is that! Till next time –

faithwalkin’ 🙂