Sinkhole Swimming – A Note for Mother’s Day

Sinkhole Swimming

The Lord has a purpose for everything…even mosquitoes. 😉 I had to ponder it for a bit but without mosquitos, what would bugs and other animals eat? See!?! A purpose for everything…especially a lovely lake where people can go for free to enjoy swimming and the fellowship of others for a well-deserved break after a hard week’s work. I love Lake County…there are more springs and lakes over here then you can shake a stick at. Most require a four-wheel drive to get there but plenty of us have those available here. 🙂 And, before I go off on one of my tangents, it’s called Blue Sink because it started out as a sinkhole, the water is actually blue in the middle and at the edges there is white sand where you can actually see the bottom of the lake – along with all the little minnows swimming merrily along. It’s just some of God’s beautiful creation showing off it’s best. 🙂 (The water is great too!)

Now I’m sitting here listening to Nancy Sinatra (“These Boots Are Made For Walking”). Then will come Jeannie C. Reilly (“Harper Valley PTA”). My tastes are very eclectic (as most of you know). I can go from this to country to 80’s to the most current dance music. My all time favorites will always be swing and big band music. That would be the influence of my father for sure. I love the Andrews Sisters. Then my sister Joy got me into the Herman’s Hermits. Of course, most of you won’t know who they are but imagine a lesser known Beatles band and you’d have it down. I am so grateful to the Lord for giving me the love of music. It definitely brings so much joy to my soul!

Sorry for the detour…back to the lakes of Lake County. I don’t know the name of the one I went to that is about 4 minutes from my house. A couple of weekends ago some friends from church and I went to Lawless Lake…very, very nice. I think I like that one the best so far. Of course, I didn’t have my camera for that one. 😛 I liked the Blue Sink as well but it has a steep bank to get to the water, kind of like Red Bank on the Nanticoke River, where I used to go in Maryland. Now that my bones don’t always cooperate I sometimes struggle on steep inclines. I ended of wearing my knee brace for 2 to 3 days after that Saturday trip. However, it was worth it to see everything and to get in the water, which was perfect. And I have had a epihany…next trip I will wear my brace down to the water and then leave it on the beach. As long as I take a towel to dry off before putting it back on, I should have solved my problem. Like Mom always said…”Where there is a will, there is a way.” 🙂

Mother’s Day is Sunday. I hope everyone is ready to celebrate the woman who gave you life thanks to a blessing from God. Blue Sink reminds me of the bottomless love that parents have (just like God has) for us. So much today you hear about kids who hate their parents and blame God for what He gave them. Some parents I believe love their children but are incapable of showing it…how do you show love when yours was stifled as a child without God to open your heart? I know people felt that way long ago but not everyone posted it on Facebook and such. LOL! My take is a little different – I think that God gave me the perfect parents for me. Were they perfect? No! Was I? No! Granted they didn’t do some of the things that parents do that are definitely not acceptable but I feel as if God always knows what He is doing. His Will is perfect in every way. So, it your parents were less than perfect, there was a reason for it. We don’t know what life holds for us as we grow older but the very things that we allow to influence our decisions when we are young may be the very same things that cause us to straighten up and fly right when we are older. I don’t know how you feel but I know I had a choice to make as I grew older…to take the good and use it for good and to take the bad and grow from it so that it could be used for good as well. I guarantee you that some of the things I saw people do (who shall remain nameless) definitely influenced what I did and didn’t do as I wandered through the early part of my life. Now as a child of God, I still have all those memories and my past, which never disappears BUT now I allow His influence to determine where I go and what I do. Not that I’ve stopped sinning but now I know when I do when I do – ask for forgiveness and ask for help for the next time.

I still think the Lord influenced my earlier life when I wasn’t saved as well. If not, I seriously doubt that I would still be walking on this earth and not being saved, I would have been serving a hellish sentence for the eternity. Sometimes I think of the foolish things I did and truly wonder why I was spared the same fate that befell others that did the same type of things. To me that means that the Lord has something for me to do here. It is definitely to be a witness to others of His love and saving grace. There is a CD that I like called Higher Ground. It has a song on there called, “We Want You Over There.” I think it describes true witnessing so perfectly – we don’t want anyone to be left behind.

My parents were saved when they died…they weren’t when they were younger. God does indeed make a difference in what you say and do. My mom and dad were very good people; they loved to help others and lived the golden rule very well. However, the golden rule and all the kindness in the world doesn’t get you to Heaven to worship Jesus forever…only salvation does.

And that is my soapbox sermon for the day! LOL! I hope that this Mother’s Day, you take your mom a special gift, especially if it’s been a long time since you’ve spoken by choice. Take her the gift of forgiveness because truly, if you are a child of God, you have no choice or you thumb your nose at the forgiveness that the Lord gave you. If you have a close relationship with your Mom I hope you spend this Mother’s Day celebrating who God gave you to help start and guide you down life’s path. I hope to hear how you spent your Mother’s Day as a Mom or as the child celebrating your Mom. I hope the day is truly a blessing for you!

Happy Mother’s Day to all the Moms out there… friends, family, readers, other bloggers and those that are in Heaven waiting for us to come Home one day. Happy Mother’s Day Mom – you may be with the Lord now but you will always live on in my heart! I love you!

Till next time – faithwalkin’ 🙂


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