The Dollhouse – Taking Me Through the Steps of Patience :/

Me 2/24/12

The latest addition to my family. 🙂 My belated "to me" Valentine gift.

Yes, I bought a flowered tiger with a tail today at Winn Dixie when I stopped to get a couple of things. You know how, after holidays, the stores take all their leftovers and mark them down…and then mark them down again. 🙂 Well I always check those tables out because sometimes they have smaller animals that make noise, like purring, or singing. Missie and Bo adore those things. We still have a couple from a Christmas or two ago that, no matter how ragged they get, they are still among the favorites that the dogs play with constantly.

Well. as you probably guessed, they didn’t have anything for the kids this time but I saw this tiger and if it isn’t widely known yet, I adore pink things and flowers. I waited until I was 36 or so before I turned into a girly girl. 🙂 So, Cassandra came home with me and slept with me last night. I’ll let everyone in on a little secret about stuffed animals. Usually I buy them (in this case as well) to use as props for my hands and knees in bed. As the bone death waxes and wans and is currently holding me hostage, I needed something with a neck to prop my hands in so the flowery, pink Cassandra came home to join the family.

So, if I’m calculating correctly, the last Oops[!] I left you with was the drain field for the shower, which is working very well now. Now, many of you may think that I couldn’t have anything else to say about the, “Crud, it broke on me” category but you would, sadly, be wrong. 😉 You know they say that if it ain’t chickens its feathers and the last I checked…chickens aren’t extinct. 🙂 As I have said before, I am so thankful that the Lord led me to a wonderful landlord. I know that these things (so far anyway) haven’t been my fault and my landlord knows that as well. But…if I were him, at this point every time I got an email or a phone message from me, I’d probably run screaming for the hills. He’s much nicer than that. 🙂

Anyway, since everyone was up late on Saturday night digging; well I wasn’t digging, I was just following around going, “What can I do? Is it done yet? Is it working?” You know…all those questions that drive the people who are actually doing the work up a wall. So, on Sunday I thought I would wash my sheets and have a nice, clean beddy-by that night. So, I bundle everything up and go outside around the house to the washroom. I had already done two loads earlier so now I had my timing down on when to come out and put fluff in and such so it was old hat. When I went back out 20 minutes later to put laundry softener on the sheets, the washer was spitting (I kid you not) water out that was supposed to be rinse water. I looked at it and not so nice thoughts came to mind about the washer graveyard I knew about. Needless to say…the washer wasn’t cooperating at this point. I really think the Dollhouse sent out a memo when my landlord came over to finish things up before I moved in. All the appliances had their little meetings and decided that if the new renter was going to stay, she was going to have to earn her stripes in this house. Goodness, at this point, I thought I had. 🙂

*Just a side note…when you read this post, it may seem a bit jumbled. I have been writing it for 3 days now (arghh!) but my hands just aren’t cooperating and I can only do a bit at a time. Please bear with me, I’m a work in progress. 😀 Now, back to more fun and games as the Dollhouse takes me to task. 🙂

So, the washer breaking was last Sunday. By the way, anyone notice I hit the 3 week mark on Saturday? It doesn’t seem like I’ve been here three weeks…I feel as if I’ve lived here forever. 🙂

The landlord thought he had the washer fixed but it’s not, so currently on this Sunday the 25th, I still don’t have a washer. However, the Dollhouse has been very kind in putting me and my landlord through the paces so he’s been kept busy fixing other things as well…poor guy. After the washer broke (let me see if I can keep this in order here) and he changed out my medicine cabinet because I liked the other one in the shed :), then the fridge went down for the count along with food and other things. On the bright side, the kids and I were eating turkey at 9 PM last night because that turkey was not going to go to waste after it had thawed! Score one for me on the Dollhouse. 🙂 My oven doesn’t seem to be cooking things on the bottom (I cooked the turkey for approximately 5 or 6 hours and it was only 12 pounds) and then yesterday my kitchen sink starting draining really, really slow and I don’t even own a plunger. Oh-oh! My landlord doesn’t even know about the oven yet and I don’t want to even go there…especially now that I must have a washer. I think that is some alter-universe, there is a comic strip featuring the Dollhouse, my landlord, my sister and I and the aliens there are having a laugh a minute at our expense. 🙂

Now please don’t think that with the list of ‘woes,’ that the Lord hasn’t been blessing me. Again, He has blessed me with a wonderfully understanding and helpful landlord. However, He has also blessed my children and I with a backyard that we love. I think my Bo-Bo is going to be losing some weight here shortly. He has discovered playing fetch in a backyard is much more fun than playing in an apartment or on a leash. He even knows where the sticker burrs are now so if you throw in that area, he’ll sit down and make you go get it. LOL. Missie runs around like a chicken with her head cut off at 4 AM when she first goes out and then periodically throughout the day. If it’s warm in the middle of the day, you’ll find her in the side yard (where all the digging has been done) lounging about in the dirt getting her hair boiling hot so she can come and lay on me and get me hot. It’s worth every minute. Thank goodness the Tindall’s gave me some flea protection from when they had a dog or I’m sure Missie would be carrying a flea circus about now. 🙂

The Lord has blessed us with this wonderful Dollhouse, no matter that she’s growing me in patience. That is a blessing from the Lord as well although I don’t always like those lessons too much. 🙂 But like I said earlier, when I’m in the kitchen, or sitting at the dining room table, taking a shower or just readying myself and the kids for bed…it feels as if I’ve lived here forever and I adore it. I finally feel like me again, if that makes any sense, and whether anyone else notices or not, I can feel a change in my heart and in my voice when I speak; I feel at peace now…at peace with who I am, where I am and where I’ll eventually be. And that is a blessing that can only come from the Lord. Till later – faithwalkin’ 🙂


2 thoughts on “The Dollhouse – Taking Me Through the Steps of Patience :/

  1. Must run in the family with the patience. I have none either. God has put me in situations that are teaching me patience. I am learning that sometimes we just have to wait for things or on things. Doesn’t matter anymore, because God has also taught me that we are just borrowing everything on this earth. Our real home is with him. Nothing else will matter after that. Yes, your never to old to grow up and learn new things. With God teaching me I love to learn. Love ya Sis:)

  2. I am so glad that you are so happy and content with your new home and surroundings. It makes my heart feel good for you, Bo and Missie to have the freedom to move around as you see fit. You all were so confined over here, Missie was gettibg into all kinds of trouble, and it was all due to her being frustrated! Now you all are at peace. I hope you get your washer and stove working in good order soon. Those are two things you can’t do without. I talked with Shawn this morning after church and she said that she and Jessica will be visiting you later in the week. I hope you all have a wonderful time.
    Love, Jan

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