“For Better or For Worse”…It’s Been One Week :)

Did you know that when you move into a home, whether renting or owning, it becomes a union between you, your pocketbook and the wood or brick structure that now houses your belongings and loved ones…basically everything you hold near and dear to your heart. The house knows this; your pocketbook knows this…however, they forgot to mention that tiny little fact to you. In fact, you believe you are the homeowner or renter, as the case may be, but in all actuality, you are only there to protect, decorate and pay homage to the four walls that you now call home.

My doll house has it’s own personality and, thankfully on my part, a landlord, that pays to keep my little house standing and running smooth. Of course, I pay rent but after Saturday, which happens to be my one week anniversary of moving in, I am beginning to think that my landlord (poor guy – in more than one sense of the word) and I might have ended up with a little more house personality than we bargained for.

I have to say hands down that I have the best landlord I have ever had in my life. He is a Christian and it shows in his ethic about how he handles the house, any situations that arise and the solutions that need to be found. I know the Lord opened door after door to allow me to move here but in this case, He didn’t just open the door, He slung it open, stuck a gold star sticker on it and said, “Rest child, I’ve got this.” I have been truly blessed by the landlord that God paired me with and I am very thankful that He showed my sister that before I even arrived.

Now as I stated above, my doll house has a personality. I haven’t named her yet but I just might. Someone like her that can make you fall in love from a picture deserves a name and not just a street name and house number…although Dixie does have a ring to it. 🙂 Feel free to comment with any suggestions that I may ponder since I think her personality shows through pictures as well so many of you may already know what I’m talking about. The others of you probably think I’m ready for a padded room…well, I must digress for now. That’s a discussion for another day. 😀

So, it’s our one week anniversary. A quick, general outlook on where we are at this time? In the perfect spot! Missie and Bo are loving the back yard. They are even learning (slowly) how to peacefully co-exist with a goat, horse and cow. The dogs that run loose in the neighborhood? Well, let’s just say that we are working on that. 😛 Nermal and Brat have picked out their favorite spots (Brat – top of fridge; Nermal – red, velvet chair) and are back to demanding their treats when they say it’s time, disregarding my timeline completely. That would be status quo around here. Of course, now that the dogs can go out without a leash, Nermal and Brat (mostly Nermal) think they should be allowed to roam free as well; like that is ever gonna happen in a million Sundays. LOL

Me? Well, I have to admit it…I’m in love. I’m in love with the serving window between the kitchen and the living/dining area; I’m in love with the little steps that take you from room to room because each room was added on at a different time; I’m in love with the cool-feeling tile and with the quirkiness of this little doll house that the Lord has blessed me with. I love to spend time with my Lord and He gave me the perfect place. Each morning I get up and go sit out front on my little lattice covered porch. There, as I sit and rock in my rocking chair, I read His Word, I ponder it and what it means to my life. As the birds chirp from the tree branches and others call out and talk to each other as they fly by and land on the lake for breakfast, I’m in prayer for myself and others, and believe it or not, those birds help. They remind me to pray for those who may not have a place to have breakfast, or for the missionaries that are serving far away from family and friends, sometimes for years before they have a furlough. As I look around at the trees and the somehow quaint surroundings, I am reminded to pray for our government, our President and all those involved in making nationwide decisions. I pray for those who are trying to succeed as the next President, that their morals and standards might be based on what Jesus would do.

So, I would say that I am definitely in love and that the feelings grow stronger with each passing day. Then…we come to Saturday the actual anniversary date of my move. I’m still in love and plan on staying that way but I got the idea this past Saturday, that Miss ole’ doll house here may be a wee bit jealous of the kids and put me back in my place with a very firm hand. 🙂

After I so graciously allowed the pipes to freeze, I was fighting brown water everyday with that lovely sulfur smell so my landlord was kind and bought a water filter and had a church friend install it. I think that was Wednesday. So, life is back to normal. We have clear water, it smells fine and I don’t give water another thought…until Saturday. (Doom, da, do, doom)

Friday night I decide to take a shower. I’ve been decorating and unpacking and I’m looking forward to getting in a nice, hot shower. Now normally I take what my Dad called “Navy Showers” – in and out in 5 minutes. I guess I get bored; don’t ask…I don’t really understnad it either. Friday night I planned on just standing there awhile and letting the water wash away my active brain cells so that I could sleep uninterrupted. I soap up, lots of soap and lather  and then I realize that I don’t have an ark but the water is rising. So here I am rushing as fast as I can to get the soap off because I know eventually my backyard will start coming through the lines. I made it, turned off the water as fast as my hands would allow and jumped out. Now this was at around 10 o’clock at night.

The next morning same thing. I had emailed my landlord the night before to give him a heads up. Long story short, my poor landlord and his friend were up till past 11:00 pm Saturday night, digging an new drain field for the bathroom. To say that I have an awesome landlord and that he has awesome friends it quite an understatement at this point. The Lord has truly blessed me with new friends that are not only decisive but willing to do what it takes to help a person out, regardless of the time. Thank You Jesus!

So, you have to ask yourself at this point, who is in control here? Me? The dollhouse, Stel (a new name I’m trying out – feedback please)? The animals? The Lord? Ahh, yes…the Lord. I hav finally determined that this past weekend was an “on-the-spot” lesson for…you guessed it…”patience.” Did I pass? Well, I don’t think I did as badly as I would have while in Titusville. One, there is nobody to complain too and two, I have found that my brain and body as slowly moving to country time and that helps the patience level. Yay for me! Till next time – faithwalkin’ 🙂


2 thoughts on ““For Better or For Worse”…It’s Been One Week :)

  1. Hi linda

    iam glad you have enjoy your new dolhouse. and iam glad that you are happy there. and that you have a good landlord.

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