Steppin’ Out in Faith – My 1st Trip to the Small Towns of Lake County

Well, Thursday my landlord allowed me to use his SUV and I took my first trip out and about in Paisley and the neighboring towns of Altoona, Umatilla and Eustis. In terms of time and distance this was quite a bit; country roads tend to stretch those things out but in the towns not so much. Except for Eustis, they are like a one-stoplight kind of town although Eustis has more. Umatilla may have two. And yes, I am kidding…I really didn’t count. 😛

Now I did stop and ask for pointers but during my trip out but I didn’t get lost once (probably because I stopped and asked for pointers). LOL. Well, at least I didn’t get lost in town. I traveled to the bank, Publix and Dollar General. I saw many places that I would love to visit and will as time goes on. You have the Ponceannah Cemetery where Walt Disney’s grandparent’s are buried and many others that founded Paisley and the surrounding community. In case I forgot to mention, I love history especially local history of where I live. I had lucked out in Titusville since my one of my best buddy’s Fay knows the history inside and out since her family has been there forever and is listed in the history books. On my outing, I met Billie, a bank representative, whose family is also listed in the Paisley history books.

I love the way that God opens doors and introduces you to people throughout your life that are in direct correlation to what you love. Even in the minute details, His hand is so readily visible and I just love the fact that He loves me that much. Even in rough times, when you look back, you can see His Handiwork, like connecting the dots to make a complete picture. Of course, that doesn’t mean that it all makes sense sometimes, but we are made in His image, not just as He is and the further the lineage goes, the more tarnished the link. 😦

Well, I definitely saw His Hand directing and guiding me on Thursday. Everywhere I stopped I met wonderful people who were friendly and not just to give directions but to chat and actually say, “Good morning…How are you?” I love it when a community welcomes newcomers with open arms and not suspicion.

So when my day was done, after stopping by my sister’s and meeting her newest addition to her family, Sugar Dumpling. I kid you not, this pup can fit inside my size 7 shoe. Although I did find out that he’d rather drag your shoe away than get in it.

Leona lives in Altoona so when I left there I took 42 back to Paisley where I would pass my street and continue down to Arthur’s, my landlord, to give his truck back. Should be the easiest leg of the trip, right? Wrong! See, when I said I didn’t get lost in town, I didn’t fib. I got lost in the country! See, Arthur has a GPS and it has his home address in it. I thought I pretty much remembered where he lived and, had I listened to my head instead of the GPS, I wouldn’t have gotten lost. Just a note, I have never used a GPS before and never will again. I prefer landmarks to electronics any day! LOL. Well, I was supposed to turn on Washington St. but the GPS said Pennsylvania St. so guess what I listened too? Needless to say after 45 minutes and a lot of fuel, I turned around, found the one place in Paisley that I get a cell phone signal (next to the cell phone tower mind you) and tried to call…no answer. Now I am perplexed as to where my landlord is since he has a cell phone, lost, cranky, tired and hungry. Any one of those isn’t good for a woman’s psyche but five are overload so I gave up and went home with my tail properly tucked between my legs.

I got home and tried Arthur again…no answer so I leave another message. Now at this point I wasn’t too worried. I knew the Lord was in control and that Arthur would show up sometime because I had his truck. Common sense thinking for the most part but by 9:30 pm that night I was starting to finally worry. In fact the message I left him said, “Now I am starting to get worried!”

I am finding that an awesome God and a wonderful landlord are two good things to have in the country. Arthur called and said his call phone had run out of juice and he had been helping a friend. Mystery solved. God’s visible hand in it? Arthur works from home sometimes so he also worked from home on Friday so I could return the truck in the daytime, everyone was fine, my landlord and I laughed about it and my sister lived through it (she was the worried one).

Oh just to let you know…Friday I returned his truck without using the GPS, didn’t get lost and all is well that ended well. 😀

I love country living, being able to laugh at myself & am amazed at the change the Lord is working in my heart in regards to being positive about things. I feel as if a 100 pound burden is being lifted off my shoulders. Amen!     faithwalkin’ 🙂


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