Boxes, Pipes & Livestock – Oh My! (Continuation Complete)

Here are some pictures of my doll house and the moving process. I hope you enjoy them. 🙂
To start off, last night I slept and slept. Of course, I had leg cramps that woke me up and such but hey, I kept right on going back to bed. I was determined to get some sleep and Praise Him (!) – I did. 😀 Of course that meant that I started late but today was planned on being a blog + relax + catch-up correspondence day anyway so I had no plans on pushing anything other than keys on a keyboard.
Of course there are still boxes everywhere. I definitely wouldn’t qualify for a picture spread in “Good Housekeeping Magazine” just yet. LOL. But then again…would I ever? Seriously though, I am taking my time, which of course also means that I can’t find half of my stuff. You’d be surprised at what you can do without when a mountain of boxes are staring at you and you are over unpacking for the day.
Case in point…the first night I moved in I was, of course, dirty, tired and generally overwhelmed. Well, like most ladies, when I feel like that, I know a good shower with a vigorous hair scrubbing does wonders for my physical and emotional mindset so that was my final project for the night. sounds fairly easy, right? I know most are wondering if I packed a survival bag for the first night or two (I heartily recommend this) and I would say, “Of course I did!” However, much to my chagrin, I hadn’t actually finished packing it so I had no shampoo, conditioner, soap or body wash. Even if I had the body wash, it wouldn’t have done any good as I had nothing to scrub with. Yes, I know I have to go back to Moving 101. In my defense the last time I moved from one town or state to another was when I was sixteen and my Mom packed my survival kits back then. 😉
Was I deterred? Only for about three minutes and the I remembered that my kids things WERE packed in a survival kit and there was (NOT one guffaw here please) dog shampoo. Yep, you guessed it. I was so intent on being clean on my first night in my doll house that I used dog shampoo to wash and do my hair with. To be honest, it wasn’t the worst thing I’ve used. It was actually a mixed berry scent(smelled like a woman’s shampoo) and did the trick. Alas though…it had no conditioner. What was I expecting anyway, right?  So the battle was won (somewhat)…I was scrubbed and clean, even if I wondering about my state of mind at that point. 😛
When I saw the Lord opening doors in this direction, I didn’t question why He was moving me; I just prayed to make sure He was moving me. Now that I’m here I can be honest and say I’m still not sure but there are things that are slowly coming to mind since my mind is no longer occupied with a job and keeping Missie from eating other small dogs that lived in the vicinity of my old apartment complex.
One thing I can say though is that over the last few years, what with getting sick and struggling to learn how to live and do things when your body doesn’t always respond normally, has made me very dependent on others in regards to physical help and even some emotional help as I learned to come to terms with terminal and/or debilitating illnesses. Jesus says that His yoke is easy and His burden is light; that I am to lean upon Him always (first and foremost) before depending on others. I was losing that ability because it was so easy to depend on others all the time.
Don’t misunderstand, I still have my friends from Maryland and Titusville. I also have my family and currently my one new friend in Paisley – I don’t ever plan on losing them or shutting them out of my life BUT I do plan on disciplining myself to go to Jesus first. Not only is it right, it keeps others from being blasted by my mouth when it isn’t necessary. The difference is that here I am more on my own in terms of thinking processes and prayer first; I’m not speaking of becoming Hercules and lifting large objects for fun. LOL.
Here, I have time to realize that I can pray before I pick up that phone and complain or whine. Here, I am starting to realize that it’s been 24 years since I’ve lived in the country and I have forgotten a whole bunch of things that I now have to relearn and remember. It’s a daunting task in some ways but in others it’s not only a challenge, but something to strive for. I may be ill but until the Lord takes me home I want to keep my brain active in all sorts of ways, not keep everyone else’s active. Now, let me tell you what started me thinking this way. It’s funny how one little (big) incident can cause you to write 4 paragraphs about it without even commenting on it. 😀
Now I lived in Maryland until I was 16. We had a well and we always had to guard against pipes freezing in the winter (and yes, some of you see what’s coming). Now for the past 24 years, I haven’t had to worry about that. For one thing…I lived in Florida by the Space Center which is not exactly “snow falling, my teeth won’t stop chattering” weather. Now I live in Paisley and apparently I moved here just in time to hit the two coldest nights of the year so far (I think…I hope). The first night I slept here it was 32 degrees and I didn’t even know that 32 degrees was considered a freezing temperature. I’m very uneducated in this area apparently. Well, it froze and I didn’t live my faucets dripping! So…I got up in the morning and went to washout my glass and guess what!?! You got it…I had NO water! No water!! I called my sister and was like, “What is this…I move in and the well dries up?” Leona goes, “Oh No Lindy…didn’t you leave your water running a bit?” Instantly my mind shot back to being younger and my dad telling me to always leave the faucets dripping if it got too cold so that the pipes didn’t freeze. It was a real Duh (!) moment for me. Thankfully because it wasn’t too bad, my sister suggested leaving it alone for a few hours and maybe it would thaw on its own. (Thank You Jesus!) It did.
Then came the second lesson that I had forgotten from childhood…when your pipes freeze and thaw, the water that comes out immediately after (and for about an hour more) is not something you want to clean with, wash with or even smell. Ahhh, yes…now I remember. See, I’ve lived here for five days and I’ve already learned two major lessons and umpteen minor lessons. God IS GOOD ALL the time! 🙂
Tomorrow it’s back to boxes and lessons to learn about life…keep steady in Jesus and remember, when in a pinch…dog shampoo works well! LOL. faithwalkin’ 🙂

3 thoughts on “Boxes, Pipes & Livestock – Oh My! (Continuation Complete)

  1. Interesting adventure, I see. I’m glad you’re creative. Maybe you can start a new product line – shampoo good for dog and man. 🙂
    Have you thought about putting a “follow” widget, so we can sign up for email updates?

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