Boxes, Pipes & Livestock – Oh My! (To Be Cont’d)

Well, here we are.  🙂 We got here Saturday between 1 and 2 p.m. and then the fun began. 😛  We decided not to rent a U-haul trailer so my brother-in-law brought his trailer. That meant that two trips had a be made from Titusville to Paisley – Praise the Lord (!) that I only had to make one. Leona (my sister) and I stayed behind with the kids, a.k.a. the animals, while everyone else went back to get the second load.

To sum up the last three days in three words or less: busy, awesome & peaceful. My sister came over Sunday and Monday to help me organize so that is the busy part; all four kids and myself are comfortable and loving it here so that’s the awesome; & it is so quiet & relaxing here with the birds singing early in the morning and being outside with Missie and Bo with no leashes (!) that it’s just so peaceful. I feel very calm and relaxed about the mess everywhere (read boxes) and know that I have all the time in world to get things the way I want them to be so it’s more of a no hurry pace. I know if Jessica, Jennifer or Shawn read this, they will be flabbergasted because I am usually a very fast-paced, get it done kind of gal. 🙂

The cats have settled down in their new home. Brat doesn’t have his cupboard house above the fridge anymore so now he has chosen the top of the fridge itself. Please keep in mind though, my kitchen isn’t much taller than 6 foot and I have a tall fridge so when Brat is up on top of the fridge, he is somewhat squished. LOL. But other than my kitchen chair, this has become one of his favorite places.

Nermal on the other hand, has a chair. And not just any chair but an antique red velvet chair given to me (so I thought) by his sissy, Shawn. Now I have actually been able to sit in the chair a total of one time since I’ve moved. Nermal gets up out of bed in the morning, has his breakfast and hits the chair for a hard day’s work of sleeping. Then he starts his second job, “Torturing Mommy,” which involves helping Brat mess up everything I’ve just unpacked, being the ringer for the dinner bell, especially if I try to sneak in something extra before treat time.

I have so much more to tell about Misse and Bo, all the neat secrets about my little dollhouse, my neighbors that I’ve met and the revelations I have had about my walk with Jesus. However I must confess and ask for prayer. I have been here since Saturday and I love it but my body is still on Titusville time which is busier than Paisley time. I haven’t slept in my bed for more than a couple of hours since I have arrived but have spent most of my time spending night time, sleeping on the computer. I have wanted to make a new post since I moved but I am so tired that when I sit down I generally fall asleep. Well, that is happening right now. So I am going to get up and move and then write more later before I get really frustrated at myself.

Hope to see you tonight – thanks for the prayers & hope you like what you see.


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