Counting Boxes Instead of Sheep

Need I say more? Well, anyone that knows me…well, it’s hard to restrain my mouth sometimes. Two days left before I hit the road with my sister, two very stressed out dogs and two comatose (hopefully) cats in an Explorer with my belongings in front of me…heading to Paisley for the first glimpse of my new home. Sounds funny doesn’t it? For the first glimpse. 🙂 My sister said that she thought about it the other night, you know, me picking out her house and approving it, sight unseen by her. She said she didn’t know if she could do that. I laughed. I trust my sister but as much as I trust her, I trust God more.  We’ve looked at houses, in fact she has gone to see some, but nothing ever happened. I knew when the timing was God’s, He’d show me a house, help me get in and work things out for me. He did. 😀

So, it’s been a couple of days since I wrote. Trust me when I say I have a good excuse…remember, I’m moving. And, finishing up my job by training someone, and packing and visiting with friends before I leave. The hardest part is two of my babies…Missie and Bo. Poor kids; they have already been stressing out ever since the boxes came in the house. They know something is up and they both have abandonment issues to begin with. Normally when I leave the house to go somewhere, they lay by the door or mope but now that the stress level is rising in the house for all of us, they not only lay in front of the door and mope, now they cry and whine until I come home. I actually have to have someone babysit them while I’m not home. Yesterday I had about 4 or 5 people over and it was crazy. You couldn’t get around the house because of all the boxes, Missie’s on house arrest and can’t just go out to linger (that’s something I’ll have to explain later),and at that point, I hadn’t been asleep for over 24 hours. Everyone left the living room for a minute or two and the next thing I know I hear Bo screaming and Missie barking. I run from the bedroom and see Missie holding Bo down and basically attacking her. Although I have been told again and again not to interfere, as you’ve probably already guessed it, I did. So they stopped. Now what comes next might make you chuckle; I know my friends that were here sure chuckled about it. I sat Missie down and sternly talked to her about having yard limitations did not make her allowed to teach Bo a lesson. Then I called Bo over and I told Missie to apologize to her brother so she leaned over touched noses and then they rubbed heads. My friends couldn’t believe that they listened like that. Truthfully, I was kind of surprised it worked on the first try. 🙂

I finally slept last night – Yay! I went 3 days and 2 nights without sleep because I allowed the troubles in this life to encroach on my peace from God. I’m guessing one of the first things I’ll be working on in Paisley is staying steady in the Lord when my world isn’t steady. 😉 As Joyce Meyer says,”What’s one more trip around that mountain?” Well, for those who know…it’s a lot. Mostly since we stay there of our own accord but eventually God gets through to us. Some days I think I am the poster child for that.

Right now it’s the calm before the storm. I’ve been in the Word and prayed, now having taken the pups out, I’m having my 2nd cup of coffee, talking to you and just breathing for a few minutes. Then more bookkeeper work; I’d like to make more cheat sheets for my replacement. Hopefully a friend I’m expecting will stop by to keep me company while I pack and then I go to work @ 1:00 pm. Then tonight it’s dinner with a couple from church (I love them so!) and then home.

I have to stop trying to pack, work and visit at the same time. I’m like one of those kitchen timers that got stuck on the zero and just keeps buzzing…and my buzzer is getting tired and overwhelmed. Some of the things that are my downfalls during times like these is lack of sleep, and lack of medications. I am Bi-Polar One and it takes very little to send me into manic mode where I stay up for days plural, not just a couple. Plus being tired enough to sleep on my computer (yes, a daily habit that I hope to break) at times makes me forget to take my Lithium. Thankfully for the most part, ever since I accepted Christ, I usually am faithful in my medications because I know if I’m whacked out, then I won’t be serving Jesus very well. Hey…it’s a good motivator for me. 😀

Pardon me for bouncing everywhere but I’m trying to give you a taste of my days right now and that is exactly what it’s like. LOL. On a funny note, my friend Shawn gave me an antique chair (she knows what I like). It’s got the crushed red velvet material on the seat and back. It is beautiful. Well, apparently 2 of my children couldn’t agree with me more. Nermal and Brat have adopted the chair…in fact, I can’t even get to sit in it due to their butts being planted in it all the time. 😦 The funny part is though is that I had Jessica vacuum the chair when she was here to get the cat hair off because Shawn has 3 cats. So Jessica dutifully vacuumed the chair and it looked just lovely. Now two days later it is covered (and I do mean covered) in Brat’s orange hair. Brat is my biggest sharer when it comes to his things and he loves to cover furniture, people, other inanimate objects and of course His brothers and sister with bright orange hair. He is a kind and giving child…in fact, he never stops. I can get dressed for church in clean clothes and by the time I walk out the door, I am starting to look like Garfield or Heathcliff. LOL. Gotta love my kid’s ideas of giving.

So, it’s off to start my day. Thanks for sharing the time with me. Drop a prayer my way if you’re the prayin’ sort that I would honor my Lord and Savior today, no matter what this world (or my flesh) puts in my way. Love you all! Faithwalkin’ 🙂


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