Counting Down the Days!

The title says it all…I’m counting down the days till my sister arrives with the U-haul. We’ll get the guys to load up the trailer and the kids and I will be riding in luxury in my sister’s friends Explorer.

Now to backtrack a wee bit so that we are all on the same page. Originally I’m from Riverton, Maryland. My parents and I moved to Titusville when I was sixteen and here I’ve been ever since. Both of my parent’s have passed, I’ve been married and divorced twice, I’ve had the fabled good and bad times, have gotten sick to where apparently you don’t get better and have gained 4 wonderful children. Let me introduce you since they are normally who I’m with: Missie is a pretty girl. She’s a nine year old Lab with beautiful black hair and an gentle attitude. Bo is a Blue Roan Cocker Spaniel. He is Momma’s little boy and lives under my feet. Both of my dogs were rescued from less than ideal situations so they both carry the scars of their past to a point but they are doing wonderfully. Nermal is my domestic long-haired cat. He is nine like Missie and rules the roost. When Nermal came into my life, he immediately became king of the castle and his particular stunts and silly ways make me laugh everyday. Brat, who is also nine, is an orange domestic short-hair with trouble written all over him. He too is Mommy’s boy but if there’s sometime to climb to be higher than high, he’ll be up there and will come sleep with me at night.

In 2004 I happened to attend Faith Baptist Church for the first time and it was there that I met the Lord. I went straight home that day and knelt by the bed. I asked the Lord to come into my heart and He did. My life is still slowly changing; I have much to do to change all of the aspects of my life to Christ’s liking and I am not giving up on that.

That about brings things up to date in Titusville. I have lived in this town for twenty-four years. Wow! I didn’t even realize it had been that long! Obviously by the timeline you can tell I have many friends and church family. I will miss them all. I’ve done my growing up here. When I was sixteen and moved here I couldn’t even fathom living here a month, let alone 24 years. I was so shy when I was young and my biggest fear was that someone might talk to me in the new school. I still have my moments but my mouth and tongue have gotten well-oiled over the years. Possibly too much. That would be just one of many things I plan on working on in Paisley.

Paisley, Florida. A small town in Florida. Actually I haven’t even seen the house I’m renting…because I’ve never been to Paisley. Let me take a momentary side step to explain some of my weirdness. A few years ago,2004 in fact (it was a big year for me), I was diagnosed first with Avascular Necrosis in multiple bones in my body. The layman’s term for Avascular Necrosis is “Bone Death.” Sounds like a cheesy horror flick, right? Well, it’s not and it’s hurts when your bones die. I had never known that and now I wish I didn’t. Now I said “first” because at the same time but as an added bonus, I was diagnosed with Stage 4 cirrohsis of the liver. This is the last stage of liver disease. My first question was, “What the heck happened to the other 3 stages?” and the second, “Great! Now everybody at church is going to pick on me about my past.”

Well as to the first, nobody caught it at the other stages. Apparently, doctor’s rarely do. And for the second comment, I, as usual, overreacted and most didn’t comment at all. So, as time has gone on, I’m alone with the kids and have no caregiver basically. So about two years ago, Leona started suggesting I move closer to her. I vehemently disagreed with her. Eight months ago, I let her start looking. At Christmas my friend from church and I went to visit my sister over yonder where I’m moving. And then, two weeks later, I told her to start looking in earnest and I started looking too. Somewhat of a quick change in the end but things has occurred that told my brain I needed to be near her. Then the doctors thought I had a stroke (I still don’t know) so I realized that the Lord was sending me in that direction.

We checked on houses but each time the door was firmly closed by the Lord. There was no rush or pressure we just kept keeping an eye out and then one night I was searching the classifieds and there it sat…my “Dollhouse.” I contacted the landlord and it was still open. There was one open door. My sister went to look at it and realized it was just what I was looking for. Open door number two. The landlord is a believer and was willing to rent it to me and the kids (always difficult but not this time) at a price I could afford. That would show doors 3, 4, 5 and 6. Needless to say, that is why this blog was born.

So, I am going to journal about my move to Paisley, how my walk with the Lord changes and how Christ changes me as I attempt something totally new. Feel free to read along if you like. For me it is definitely taking a step into the unknown and taking that BIG step with faith as my walking ground. At this point I am so excited to be following Jesus I don’t see any pits or problems yet. We’ll have to check tomorrow.  Faithwalkin’ 🙂


15 thoughts on “Counting Down the Days!

  1. Good job, Linda! I really like the theme you chose.
    I know you will be really happy in Paisley. (BTW, I always liked paisley patterns. Is the town paisley patterned???LOL)

  2. Sis love it. I write in a journal. It does help to write. My emotions come out and def show in my hand writing, LOL Please send pictures of the house once you get in, can’t wait to see it. Love ya!!

  3. Very nicely done sis. The house is tiny and cute like a Doll House. The owner is a wounderful young man. The Lord let things fall into place like a puzzle it is amazing how he works. I am as excited as Linda is, can’t wait for her to be here. I get to help her make it a real live in doll house I love doll houses. A friend of mine built Linda one when she was young and it brought her many hrs. of pleasure. I am hoping this one brings her many yrs. I love you sis.

  4. Lindy , I learn something about you often , this is the correct decision . I would like to come see you after you are settled in and at home .
    GF Billy

  5. Linda, I am so impressed with your blog. So interesting and informative. We will certainly miss you, I worry about Shawn. But, like you said, you are only a couple hours away.
    It seems like I am losing so many people in my life these days. Hope it stops pretty soon.
    I wish you the very best. I know you will make a soft, homey place for yourself and the “kids”. Missey and Bo will love the freedom they will have. Love and happy dreams, Jan

  6. Linda,
    even though we are new to this church, we have grown in the Lord and you and I have become good friends, I will truly miss you alot.. You are an inspiration to me and to this church and when you leave, you will leave a hole in the church your very important to me and all of us here at the church may god bless you and keep in touch hope to see you soon..

  7. Linda,I always looked foward to your E-Mails and hope you will continue to correspond with all of us. After all you will only be a few miles away. I will miss seeing you and hope you will come back often.

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