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One Day Can Make A Difference :)

I started this post on Saturday the 25th and then stopped because my fingers and hands just weren’t allowing me the freedom of typing very well. Saturday was a rough day for me. I had doubts about the who’s, whats, whys and when’s of my life. Generally when that starts, I start basically babbling to the Lord, not really praying, just basically repeating whatever nonsense is going through my head. I don’t get these days too often but when I do, it’s usually caused by my brain and emotions not handling where my body is physically at the moment. I am ashamed to say that at this point, I still don’t lean completely on the Lord when the pain gets bad. I babble, try to figure out what I’ve done wrong and sort of work myself into a pitying frenzy. I do not like that about myself at all.

Since I have moved, I have tried very hard to listen to God’s voice first before allowing any other’s in and I’ll be honest, I have seen God’s hand work more now that my mouth is shut more and I am so grateful for His blessings and mercies. This is one reason that I was not happy with Saturday’s emotional bloodbath. Instead of deleting what I wrote on Saturday, I’m going to let you read it…it’s not long because as I started to write about my emotional whiplash, I suddenly got so tired and hurt so bad, I couldn’t continue so…I never went back to it.

Today, Tuesday the 28th, as I look back at what I started to write, I am just washed in the assurance that my Lord does indeed know every thought and emotion that passes through me and not only does He know it, He loves me even if they aren’t the prettiest things at the time. After I wrote this and quit on Saturday, I went to visit a church on Sunday. I always did find it amazing when I went to church and the message was on something that I personally, desperately needed on that day. Visiting a new church, I guess I thought the Lord would lose me somehow or something but what He did was send an arrow straight through my heart, stir my blood and give me concrete reasons to show that I am truly never alone. Below is what I had written:

Now yesterday certain parts of my body decided that I’d pushed things far enough…hands/fingers, back and knees. So in my head of course, my struggle just got a whole lot more personal. It brought to mind questions, some of which I wasn’t prepared for; others that made me think.

  • How honest do you get on your blog? My blog is about my walk with Jesus in a new town, a new home while blending old and new friends and learning how to follow Jesus a little more closely everyday. I don’t always do right or succeed and there are days that I can be pretty hard on myself in my head. Do I say these things on here? Do I really want to put my ‘real’ self on display for friends, family and strangers to see in all it’s tarnished and tainted glory? Do I really dare? Why am I blogging anyway? Isn’t it so that if there is someone, somewhere who can relate to something that I go through, that this may help them see they aren’t alone?

That was as far as I got.

On Sunday I went visiting at a friend’s church. Now, had I heard a sermon on the topic of the inner man before? Yes. Preached in that particular way? NO! Either the Lord decided it was time for me to sit up and listen well or it was because it was a different setting, a different Pastor and a totally new experience. Either way it was like I had an epiphany or something. 🙂 Inside there is a new inner man (governed by the Holy Spirit) and the old man (governed by the flesh) and then outside the flesh. The old man and the flesh war against the new man and if you don’t deliberately set your mind to doing what the Lord would have you do to honor and glorify Him and carry on His Work, you will constantly be pulled back into fleshly behavior. Ah-ha!!

Now, I knew this, had heard a variation of it but for some reason, it came out of left field and cold-cocked me one. And I am so glad that it did! I have spent that Sunday afternoon through today just pondering what is was that was preached. Was it biblical? Yes. Was it current in my life? Not really. That was a very sobering thought for me these past couple of days. I have always said that getting rid of sin was hard. However, I’m still a smoker and I basically spaz out if you tell me I need to quit. Do I? Yes and I’ve had people tell me and I see in the Bible where it would be so. I have just always used to excuse that it was too hard, I liked it and, my personal favorite, “I’ll do it tomorrow.” :/

At this point though, even knowing that I truly have clear knowledge now of what and how to deal with the old and new man, I still hesitate. But my heart on Sunday afternoon turned light; I felt the overwhelming sense of contentment; that I was indeed where I should be and that I can learn how to discipline myself one day at a time to handle it.

Overnight, within 24 hours, I rode the emotional roller coaster of life but as Job says in Job 13:15, Though he slay me, yet will I trust in him: but I will maintain mine own ways before him. I am so thankful that I may try again to make Him my main confidante and here ever after, each time I fall away, He’ll have open arms to pull me back in! Just how amazing is that! Till next time –

faithwalkin’ 🙂


The Dollhouse – Taking Me Through the Steps of Patience :/

Me 2/24/12

The latest addition to my family. 🙂 My belated "to me" Valentine gift.

Yes, I bought a flowered tiger with a tail today at Winn Dixie when I stopped to get a couple of things. You know how, after holidays, the stores take all their leftovers and mark them down…and then mark them down again. 🙂 Well I always check those tables out because sometimes they have smaller animals that make noise, like purring, or singing. Missie and Bo adore those things. We still have a couple from a Christmas or two ago that, no matter how ragged they get, they are still among the favorites that the dogs play with constantly.

Well. as you probably guessed, they didn’t have anything for the kids this time but I saw this tiger and if it isn’t widely known yet, I adore pink things and flowers. I waited until I was 36 or so before I turned into a girly girl. 🙂 So, Cassandra came home with me and slept with me last night. I’ll let everyone in on a little secret about stuffed animals. Usually I buy them (in this case as well) to use as props for my hands and knees in bed. As the bone death waxes and wans and is currently holding me hostage, I needed something with a neck to prop my hands in so the flowery, pink Cassandra came home to join the family.

So, if I’m calculating correctly, the last Oops[!] I left you with was the drain field for the shower, which is working very well now. Now, many of you may think that I couldn’t have anything else to say about the, “Crud, it broke on me” category but you would, sadly, be wrong. 😉 You know they say that if it ain’t chickens its feathers and the last I checked…chickens aren’t extinct. 🙂 As I have said before, I am so thankful that the Lord led me to a wonderful landlord. I know that these things (so far anyway) haven’t been my fault and my landlord knows that as well. But…if I were him, at this point every time I got an email or a phone message from me, I’d probably run screaming for the hills. He’s much nicer than that. 🙂

Anyway, since everyone was up late on Saturday night digging; well I wasn’t digging, I was just following around going, “What can I do? Is it done yet? Is it working?” You know…all those questions that drive the people who are actually doing the work up a wall. So, on Sunday I thought I would wash my sheets and have a nice, clean beddy-by that night. So, I bundle everything up and go outside around the house to the washroom. I had already done two loads earlier so now I had my timing down on when to come out and put fluff in and such so it was old hat. When I went back out 20 minutes later to put laundry softener on the sheets, the washer was spitting (I kid you not) water out that was supposed to be rinse water. I looked at it and not so nice thoughts came to mind about the washer graveyard I knew about. Needless to say…the washer wasn’t cooperating at this point. I really think the Dollhouse sent out a memo when my landlord came over to finish things up before I moved in. All the appliances had their little meetings and decided that if the new renter was going to stay, she was going to have to earn her stripes in this house. Goodness, at this point, I thought I had. 🙂

*Just a side note…when you read this post, it may seem a bit jumbled. I have been writing it for 3 days now (arghh!) but my hands just aren’t cooperating and I can only do a bit at a time. Please bear with me, I’m a work in progress. 😀 Now, back to more fun and games as the Dollhouse takes me to task. 🙂

So, the washer breaking was last Sunday. By the way, anyone notice I hit the 3 week mark on Saturday? It doesn’t seem like I’ve been here three weeks…I feel as if I’ve lived here forever. 🙂

The landlord thought he had the washer fixed but it’s not, so currently on this Sunday the 25th, I still don’t have a washer. However, the Dollhouse has been very kind in putting me and my landlord through the paces so he’s been kept busy fixing other things as well…poor guy. After the washer broke (let me see if I can keep this in order here) and he changed out my medicine cabinet because I liked the other one in the shed :), then the fridge went down for the count along with food and other things. On the bright side, the kids and I were eating turkey at 9 PM last night because that turkey was not going to go to waste after it had thawed! Score one for me on the Dollhouse. 🙂 My oven doesn’t seem to be cooking things on the bottom (I cooked the turkey for approximately 5 or 6 hours and it was only 12 pounds) and then yesterday my kitchen sink starting draining really, really slow and I don’t even own a plunger. Oh-oh! My landlord doesn’t even know about the oven yet and I don’t want to even go there…especially now that I must have a washer. I think that is some alter-universe, there is a comic strip featuring the Dollhouse, my landlord, my sister and I and the aliens there are having a laugh a minute at our expense. 🙂

Now please don’t think that with the list of ‘woes,’ that the Lord hasn’t been blessing me. Again, He has blessed me with a wonderfully understanding and helpful landlord. However, He has also blessed my children and I with a backyard that we love. I think my Bo-Bo is going to be losing some weight here shortly. He has discovered playing fetch in a backyard is much more fun than playing in an apartment or on a leash. He even knows where the sticker burrs are now so if you throw in that area, he’ll sit down and make you go get it. LOL. Missie runs around like a chicken with her head cut off at 4 AM when she first goes out and then periodically throughout the day. If it’s warm in the middle of the day, you’ll find her in the side yard (where all the digging has been done) lounging about in the dirt getting her hair boiling hot so she can come and lay on me and get me hot. It’s worth every minute. Thank goodness the Tindall’s gave me some flea protection from when they had a dog or I’m sure Missie would be carrying a flea circus about now. 🙂

The Lord has blessed us with this wonderful Dollhouse, no matter that she’s growing me in patience. That is a blessing from the Lord as well although I don’t always like those lessons too much. 🙂 But like I said earlier, when I’m in the kitchen, or sitting at the dining room table, taking a shower or just readying myself and the kids for bed…it feels as if I’ve lived here forever and I adore it. I finally feel like me again, if that makes any sense, and whether anyone else notices or not, I can feel a change in my heart and in my voice when I speak; I feel at peace now…at peace with who I am, where I am and where I’ll eventually be. And that is a blessing that can only come from the Lord. Till later – faithwalkin’ 🙂

“For Better or For Worse”…It’s Been One Week :)

Did you know that when you move into a home, whether renting or owning, it becomes a union between you, your pocketbook and the wood or brick structure that now houses your belongings and loved ones…basically everything you hold near and dear to your heart. The house knows this; your pocketbook knows this…however, they forgot to mention that tiny little fact to you. In fact, you believe you are the homeowner or renter, as the case may be, but in all actuality, you are only there to protect, decorate and pay homage to the four walls that you now call home.

My doll house has it’s own personality and, thankfully on my part, a landlord, that pays to keep my little house standing and running smooth. Of course, I pay rent but after Saturday, which happens to be my one week anniversary of moving in, I am beginning to think that my landlord (poor guy – in more than one sense of the word) and I might have ended up with a little more house personality than we bargained for.

I have to say hands down that I have the best landlord I have ever had in my life. He is a Christian and it shows in his ethic about how he handles the house, any situations that arise and the solutions that need to be found. I know the Lord opened door after door to allow me to move here but in this case, He didn’t just open the door, He slung it open, stuck a gold star sticker on it and said, “Rest child, I’ve got this.” I have been truly blessed by the landlord that God paired me with and I am very thankful that He showed my sister that before I even arrived.

Now as I stated above, my doll house has a personality. I haven’t named her yet but I just might. Someone like her that can make you fall in love from a picture deserves a name and not just a street name and house number…although Dixie does have a ring to it. 🙂 Feel free to comment with any suggestions that I may ponder since I think her personality shows through pictures as well so many of you may already know what I’m talking about. The others of you probably think I’m ready for a padded room…well, I must digress for now. That’s a discussion for another day. 😀

So, it’s our one week anniversary. A quick, general outlook on where we are at this time? In the perfect spot! Missie and Bo are loving the back yard. They are even learning (slowly) how to peacefully co-exist with a goat, horse and cow. The dogs that run loose in the neighborhood? Well, let’s just say that we are working on that. 😛 Nermal and Brat have picked out their favorite spots (Brat – top of fridge; Nermal – red, velvet chair) and are back to demanding their treats when they say it’s time, disregarding my timeline completely. That would be status quo around here. Of course, now that the dogs can go out without a leash, Nermal and Brat (mostly Nermal) think they should be allowed to roam free as well; like that is ever gonna happen in a million Sundays. LOL

Me? Well, I have to admit it…I’m in love. I’m in love with the serving window between the kitchen and the living/dining area; I’m in love with the little steps that take you from room to room because each room was added on at a different time; I’m in love with the cool-feeling tile and with the quirkiness of this little doll house that the Lord has blessed me with. I love to spend time with my Lord and He gave me the perfect place. Each morning I get up and go sit out front on my little lattice covered porch. There, as I sit and rock in my rocking chair, I read His Word, I ponder it and what it means to my life. As the birds chirp from the tree branches and others call out and talk to each other as they fly by and land on the lake for breakfast, I’m in prayer for myself and others, and believe it or not, those birds help. They remind me to pray for those who may not have a place to have breakfast, or for the missionaries that are serving far away from family and friends, sometimes for years before they have a furlough. As I look around at the trees and the somehow quaint surroundings, I am reminded to pray for our government, our President and all those involved in making nationwide decisions. I pray for those who are trying to succeed as the next President, that their morals and standards might be based on what Jesus would do.

So, I would say that I am definitely in love and that the feelings grow stronger with each passing day. Then…we come to Saturday the actual anniversary date of my move. I’m still in love and plan on staying that way but I got the idea this past Saturday, that Miss ole’ doll house here may be a wee bit jealous of the kids and put me back in my place with a very firm hand. 🙂

After I so graciously allowed the pipes to freeze, I was fighting brown water everyday with that lovely sulfur smell so my landlord was kind and bought a water filter and had a church friend install it. I think that was Wednesday. So, life is back to normal. We have clear water, it smells fine and I don’t give water another thought…until Saturday. (Doom, da, do, doom)

Friday night I decide to take a shower. I’ve been decorating and unpacking and I’m looking forward to getting in a nice, hot shower. Now normally I take what my Dad called “Navy Showers” – in and out in 5 minutes. I guess I get bored; don’t ask…I don’t really understnad it either. Friday night I planned on just standing there awhile and letting the water wash away my active brain cells so that I could sleep uninterrupted. I soap up, lots of soap and lather  and then I realize that I don’t have an ark but the water is rising. So here I am rushing as fast as I can to get the soap off because I know eventually my backyard will start coming through the lines. I made it, turned off the water as fast as my hands would allow and jumped out. Now this was at around 10 o’clock at night.

The next morning same thing. I had emailed my landlord the night before to give him a heads up. Long story short, my poor landlord and his friend were up till past 11:00 pm Saturday night, digging an new drain field for the bathroom. To say that I have an awesome landlord and that he has awesome friends it quite an understatement at this point. The Lord has truly blessed me with new friends that are not only decisive but willing to do what it takes to help a person out, regardless of the time. Thank You Jesus!

So, you have to ask yourself at this point, who is in control here? Me? The dollhouse, Stel (a new name I’m trying out – feedback please)? The animals? The Lord? Ahh, yes…the Lord. I hav finally determined that this past weekend was an “on-the-spot” lesson for…you guessed it…”patience.” Did I pass? Well, I don’t think I did as badly as I would have while in Titusville. One, there is nobody to complain too and two, I have found that my brain and body as slowly moving to country time and that helps the patience level. Yay for me! Till next time – faithwalkin’ 🙂

Steppin’ Out in Faith – My 1st Trip to the Small Towns of Lake County

Well, Thursday my landlord allowed me to use his SUV and I took my first trip out and about in Paisley and the neighboring towns of Altoona, Umatilla and Eustis. In terms of time and distance this was quite a bit; country roads tend to stretch those things out but in the towns not so much. Except for Eustis, they are like a one-stoplight kind of town although Eustis has more. Umatilla may have two. And yes, I am kidding…I really didn’t count. 😛

Now I did stop and ask for pointers but during my trip out but I didn’t get lost once (probably because I stopped and asked for pointers). LOL. Well, at least I didn’t get lost in town. I traveled to the bank, Publix and Dollar General. I saw many places that I would love to visit and will as time goes on. You have the Ponceannah Cemetery where Walt Disney’s grandparent’s are buried and many others that founded Paisley and the surrounding community. In case I forgot to mention, I love history especially local history of where I live. I had lucked out in Titusville since my one of my best buddy’s Fay knows the history inside and out since her family has been there forever and is listed in the history books. On my outing, I met Billie, a bank representative, whose family is also listed in the Paisley history books.

I love the way that God opens doors and introduces you to people throughout your life that are in direct correlation to what you love. Even in the minute details, His hand is so readily visible and I just love the fact that He loves me that much. Even in rough times, when you look back, you can see His Handiwork, like connecting the dots to make a complete picture. Of course, that doesn’t mean that it all makes sense sometimes, but we are made in His image, not just as He is and the further the lineage goes, the more tarnished the link. 😦

Well, I definitely saw His Hand directing and guiding me on Thursday. Everywhere I stopped I met wonderful people who were friendly and not just to give directions but to chat and actually say, “Good morning…How are you?” I love it when a community welcomes newcomers with open arms and not suspicion.

So when my day was done, after stopping by my sister’s and meeting her newest addition to her family, Sugar Dumpling. I kid you not, this pup can fit inside my size 7 shoe. Although I did find out that he’d rather drag your shoe away than get in it.

Leona lives in Altoona so when I left there I took 42 back to Paisley where I would pass my street and continue down to Arthur’s, my landlord, to give his truck back. Should be the easiest leg of the trip, right? Wrong! See, when I said I didn’t get lost in town, I didn’t fib. I got lost in the country! See, Arthur has a GPS and it has his home address in it. I thought I pretty much remembered where he lived and, had I listened to my head instead of the GPS, I wouldn’t have gotten lost. Just a note, I have never used a GPS before and never will again. I prefer landmarks to electronics any day! LOL. Well, I was supposed to turn on Washington St. but the GPS said Pennsylvania St. so guess what I listened too? Needless to say after 45 minutes and a lot of fuel, I turned around, found the one place in Paisley that I get a cell phone signal (next to the cell phone tower mind you) and tried to call…no answer. Now I am perplexed as to where my landlord is since he has a cell phone, lost, cranky, tired and hungry. Any one of those isn’t good for a woman’s psyche but five are overload so I gave up and went home with my tail properly tucked between my legs.

I got home and tried Arthur again…no answer so I leave another message. Now at this point I wasn’t too worried. I knew the Lord was in control and that Arthur would show up sometime because I had his truck. Common sense thinking for the most part but by 9:30 pm that night I was starting to finally worry. In fact the message I left him said, “Now I am starting to get worried!”

I am finding that an awesome God and a wonderful landlord are two good things to have in the country. Arthur called and said his call phone had run out of juice and he had been helping a friend. Mystery solved. God’s visible hand in it? Arthur works from home sometimes so he also worked from home on Friday so I could return the truck in the daytime, everyone was fine, my landlord and I laughed about it and my sister lived through it (she was the worried one).

Oh just to let you know…Friday I returned his truck without using the GPS, didn’t get lost and all is well that ended well. 😀

I love country living, being able to laugh at myself & am amazed at the change the Lord is working in my heart in regards to being positive about things. I feel as if a 100 pound burden is being lifted off my shoulders. Amen!     faithwalkin’ 🙂

Boxes, Pipes & Livestock – Oh My! (Continuation Complete)

Here are some pictures of my doll house and the moving process. I hope you enjoy them. 🙂
To start off, last night I slept and slept. Of course, I had leg cramps that woke me up and such but hey, I kept right on going back to bed. I was determined to get some sleep and Praise Him (!) – I did. 😀 Of course that meant that I started late but today was planned on being a blog + relax + catch-up correspondence day anyway so I had no plans on pushing anything other than keys on a keyboard.
Of course there are still boxes everywhere. I definitely wouldn’t qualify for a picture spread in “Good Housekeeping Magazine” just yet. LOL. But then again…would I ever? Seriously though, I am taking my time, which of course also means that I can’t find half of my stuff. You’d be surprised at what you can do without when a mountain of boxes are staring at you and you are over unpacking for the day.
Case in point…the first night I moved in I was, of course, dirty, tired and generally overwhelmed. Well, like most ladies, when I feel like that, I know a good shower with a vigorous hair scrubbing does wonders for my physical and emotional mindset so that was my final project for the night. sounds fairly easy, right? I know most are wondering if I packed a survival bag for the first night or two (I heartily recommend this) and I would say, “Of course I did!” However, much to my chagrin, I hadn’t actually finished packing it so I had no shampoo, conditioner, soap or body wash. Even if I had the body wash, it wouldn’t have done any good as I had nothing to scrub with. Yes, I know I have to go back to Moving 101. In my defense the last time I moved from one town or state to another was when I was sixteen and my Mom packed my survival kits back then. 😉
Was I deterred? Only for about three minutes and the I remembered that my kids things WERE packed in a survival kit and there was (NOT one guffaw here please) dog shampoo. Yep, you guessed it. I was so intent on being clean on my first night in my doll house that I used dog shampoo to wash and do my hair with. To be honest, it wasn’t the worst thing I’ve used. It was actually a mixed berry scent(smelled like a woman’s shampoo) and did the trick. Alas though…it had no conditioner. What was I expecting anyway, right?  So the battle was won (somewhat)…I was scrubbed and clean, even if I wondering about my state of mind at that point. 😛
When I saw the Lord opening doors in this direction, I didn’t question why He was moving me; I just prayed to make sure He was moving me. Now that I’m here I can be honest and say I’m still not sure but there are things that are slowly coming to mind since my mind is no longer occupied with a job and keeping Missie from eating other small dogs that lived in the vicinity of my old apartment complex.
One thing I can say though is that over the last few years, what with getting sick and struggling to learn how to live and do things when your body doesn’t always respond normally, has made me very dependent on others in regards to physical help and even some emotional help as I learned to come to terms with terminal and/or debilitating illnesses. Jesus says that His yoke is easy and His burden is light; that I am to lean upon Him always (first and foremost) before depending on others. I was losing that ability because it was so easy to depend on others all the time.
Don’t misunderstand, I still have my friends from Maryland and Titusville. I also have my family and currently my one new friend in Paisley – I don’t ever plan on losing them or shutting them out of my life BUT I do plan on disciplining myself to go to Jesus first. Not only is it right, it keeps others from being blasted by my mouth when it isn’t necessary. The difference is that here I am more on my own in terms of thinking processes and prayer first; I’m not speaking of becoming Hercules and lifting large objects for fun. LOL.
Here, I have time to realize that I can pray before I pick up that phone and complain or whine. Here, I am starting to realize that it’s been 24 years since I’ve lived in the country and I have forgotten a whole bunch of things that I now have to relearn and remember. It’s a daunting task in some ways but in others it’s not only a challenge, but something to strive for. I may be ill but until the Lord takes me home I want to keep my brain active in all sorts of ways, not keep everyone else’s active. Now, let me tell you what started me thinking this way. It’s funny how one little (big) incident can cause you to write 4 paragraphs about it without even commenting on it. 😀
Now I lived in Maryland until I was 16. We had a well and we always had to guard against pipes freezing in the winter (and yes, some of you see what’s coming). Now for the past 24 years, I haven’t had to worry about that. For one thing…I lived in Florida by the Space Center which is not exactly “snow falling, my teeth won’t stop chattering” weather. Now I live in Paisley and apparently I moved here just in time to hit the two coldest nights of the year so far (I think…I hope). The first night I slept here it was 32 degrees and I didn’t even know that 32 degrees was considered a freezing temperature. I’m very uneducated in this area apparently. Well, it froze and I didn’t live my faucets dripping! So…I got up in the morning and went to washout my glass and guess what!?! You got it…I had NO water! No water!! I called my sister and was like, “What is this…I move in and the well dries up?” Leona goes, “Oh No Lindy…didn’t you leave your water running a bit?” Instantly my mind shot back to being younger and my dad telling me to always leave the faucets dripping if it got too cold so that the pipes didn’t freeze. It was a real Duh (!) moment for me. Thankfully because it wasn’t too bad, my sister suggested leaving it alone for a few hours and maybe it would thaw on its own. (Thank You Jesus!) It did.
Then came the second lesson that I had forgotten from childhood…when your pipes freeze and thaw, the water that comes out immediately after (and for about an hour more) is not something you want to clean with, wash with or even smell. Ahhh, yes…now I remember. See, I’ve lived here for five days and I’ve already learned two major lessons and umpteen minor lessons. God IS GOOD ALL the time! 🙂
Tomorrow it’s back to boxes and lessons to learn about life…keep steady in Jesus and remember, when in a pinch…dog shampoo works well! LOL. faithwalkin’ 🙂

Boxes, Pipes & Livestock – Oh My! (To Be Cont’d)

Well, here we are.  🙂 We got here Saturday between 1 and 2 p.m. and then the fun began. 😛  We decided not to rent a U-haul trailer so my brother-in-law brought his trailer. That meant that two trips had a be made from Titusville to Paisley – Praise the Lord (!) that I only had to make one. Leona (my sister) and I stayed behind with the kids, a.k.a. the animals, while everyone else went back to get the second load.

To sum up the last three days in three words or less: busy, awesome & peaceful. My sister came over Sunday and Monday to help me organize so that is the busy part; all four kids and myself are comfortable and loving it here so that’s the awesome; & it is so quiet & relaxing here with the birds singing early in the morning and being outside with Missie and Bo with no leashes (!) that it’s just so peaceful. I feel very calm and relaxed about the mess everywhere (read boxes) and know that I have all the time in world to get things the way I want them to be so it’s more of a no hurry pace. I know if Jessica, Jennifer or Shawn read this, they will be flabbergasted because I am usually a very fast-paced, get it done kind of gal. 🙂

The cats have settled down in their new home. Brat doesn’t have his cupboard house above the fridge anymore so now he has chosen the top of the fridge itself. Please keep in mind though, my kitchen isn’t much taller than 6 foot and I have a tall fridge so when Brat is up on top of the fridge, he is somewhat squished. LOL. But other than my kitchen chair, this has become one of his favorite places.

Nermal on the other hand, has a chair. And not just any chair but an antique red velvet chair given to me (so I thought) by his sissy, Shawn. Now I have actually been able to sit in the chair a total of one time since I’ve moved. Nermal gets up out of bed in the morning, has his breakfast and hits the chair for a hard day’s work of sleeping. Then he starts his second job, “Torturing Mommy,” which involves helping Brat mess up everything I’ve just unpacked, being the ringer for the dinner bell, especially if I try to sneak in something extra before treat time.

I have so much more to tell about Misse and Bo, all the neat secrets about my little dollhouse, my neighbors that I’ve met and the revelations I have had about my walk with Jesus. However I must confess and ask for prayer. I have been here since Saturday and I love it but my body is still on Titusville time which is busier than Paisley time. I haven’t slept in my bed for more than a couple of hours since I have arrived but have spent most of my time spending night time, sleeping on the computer. I have wanted to make a new post since I moved but I am so tired that when I sit down I generally fall asleep. Well, that is happening right now. So I am going to get up and move and then write more later before I get really frustrated at myself.

Hope to see you tonight – thanks for the prayers & hope you like what you see.

Counting Boxes Instead of Sheep

Need I say more? Well, anyone that knows me…well, it’s hard to restrain my mouth sometimes. Two days left before I hit the road with my sister, two very stressed out dogs and two comatose (hopefully) cats in an Explorer with my belongings in front of me…heading to Paisley for the first glimpse of my new home. Sounds funny doesn’t it? For the first glimpse. 🙂 My sister said that she thought about it the other night, you know, me picking out her house and approving it, sight unseen by her. She said she didn’t know if she could do that. I laughed. I trust my sister but as much as I trust her, I trust God more.  We’ve looked at houses, in fact she has gone to see some, but nothing ever happened. I knew when the timing was God’s, He’d show me a house, help me get in and work things out for me. He did. 😀

So, it’s been a couple of days since I wrote. Trust me when I say I have a good excuse…remember, I’m moving. And, finishing up my job by training someone, and packing and visiting with friends before I leave. The hardest part is two of my babies…Missie and Bo. Poor kids; they have already been stressing out ever since the boxes came in the house. They know something is up and they both have abandonment issues to begin with. Normally when I leave the house to go somewhere, they lay by the door or mope but now that the stress level is rising in the house for all of us, they not only lay in front of the door and mope, now they cry and whine until I come home. I actually have to have someone babysit them while I’m not home. Yesterday I had about 4 or 5 people over and it was crazy. You couldn’t get around the house because of all the boxes, Missie’s on house arrest and can’t just go out to linger (that’s something I’ll have to explain later),and at that point, I hadn’t been asleep for over 24 hours. Everyone left the living room for a minute or two and the next thing I know I hear Bo screaming and Missie barking. I run from the bedroom and see Missie holding Bo down and basically attacking her. Although I have been told again and again not to interfere, as you’ve probably already guessed it, I did. So they stopped. Now what comes next might make you chuckle; I know my friends that were here sure chuckled about it. I sat Missie down and sternly talked to her about having yard limitations did not make her allowed to teach Bo a lesson. Then I called Bo over and I told Missie to apologize to her brother so she leaned over touched noses and then they rubbed heads. My friends couldn’t believe that they listened like that. Truthfully, I was kind of surprised it worked on the first try. 🙂

I finally slept last night – Yay! I went 3 days and 2 nights without sleep because I allowed the troubles in this life to encroach on my peace from God. I’m guessing one of the first things I’ll be working on in Paisley is staying steady in the Lord when my world isn’t steady. 😉 As Joyce Meyer says,”What’s one more trip around that mountain?” Well, for those who know…it’s a lot. Mostly since we stay there of our own accord but eventually God gets through to us. Some days I think I am the poster child for that.

Right now it’s the calm before the storm. I’ve been in the Word and prayed, now having taken the pups out, I’m having my 2nd cup of coffee, talking to you and just breathing for a few minutes. Then more bookkeeper work; I’d like to make more cheat sheets for my replacement. Hopefully a friend I’m expecting will stop by to keep me company while I pack and then I go to work @ 1:00 pm. Then tonight it’s dinner with a couple from church (I love them so!) and then home.

I have to stop trying to pack, work and visit at the same time. I’m like one of those kitchen timers that got stuck on the zero and just keeps buzzing…and my buzzer is getting tired and overwhelmed. Some of the things that are my downfalls during times like these is lack of sleep, and lack of medications. I am Bi-Polar One and it takes very little to send me into manic mode where I stay up for days plural, not just a couple. Plus being tired enough to sleep on my computer (yes, a daily habit that I hope to break) at times makes me forget to take my Lithium. Thankfully for the most part, ever since I accepted Christ, I usually am faithful in my medications because I know if I’m whacked out, then I won’t be serving Jesus very well. Hey…it’s a good motivator for me. 😀

Pardon me for bouncing everywhere but I’m trying to give you a taste of my days right now and that is exactly what it’s like. LOL. On a funny note, my friend Shawn gave me an antique chair (she knows what I like). It’s got the crushed red velvet material on the seat and back. It is beautiful. Well, apparently 2 of my children couldn’t agree with me more. Nermal and Brat have adopted the chair…in fact, I can’t even get to sit in it due to their butts being planted in it all the time. 😦 The funny part is though is that I had Jessica vacuum the chair when she was here to get the cat hair off because Shawn has 3 cats. So Jessica dutifully vacuumed the chair and it looked just lovely. Now two days later it is covered (and I do mean covered) in Brat’s orange hair. Brat is my biggest sharer when it comes to his things and he loves to cover furniture, people, other inanimate objects and of course His brothers and sister with bright orange hair. He is a kind and giving child…in fact, he never stops. I can get dressed for church in clean clothes and by the time I walk out the door, I am starting to look like Garfield or Heathcliff. LOL. Gotta love my kid’s ideas of giving.

So, it’s off to start my day. Thanks for sharing the time with me. Drop a prayer my way if you’re the prayin’ sort that I would honor my Lord and Savior today, no matter what this world (or my flesh) puts in my way. Love you all! Faithwalkin’ 🙂